We are a small team of Magento certified developers with huge Magento experience (5+ years).

We are developing extensions for both Magento versions: Magento and Magento 2. Mostly all of them are free or have good free version.

Also during our work with our clients we recognized that lots of them need tool for bulk update of their prices: reduce some prices before some holiday, update pricing based on supplier CSV file or just to control their competitor site to always have price lower than their competitor has. That's why we desided to release a service that can do anything of these. We are planning to enlarge it for other platforms, not only to Magento, and will always have good free or inexpensive plans for small and medium business.

Our goal is to have only several projects but with top quality that can be used and of course tested by lots of customers. In such case client can always be sure that he is using good stable product. Quality is our main goal!

We recommend to use our custom development service in case you want to customize any of our extension. We know our extension better that any other developer, so we will spend less time and the code will have guaranted high quality. But we also happy to help you with such tasks as performance analysis, security issues check or just any kind of custom development.

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