Product Purchases

Due to limited Magento opportunities, it is quite a headache for online store owners and administrators to get the complete sales statistics for a certain store item. With the Product Purchases extension for Magento, you can easily generate a report to track, filter and export sales data straight on the per-product level. You can sort all columns in the report and almost all of them are filterable. Moreover, this sales statistics can be exported for further analysis.

The Product Purchases Magento extension enriches the product edit page with a new special tab. Here you can find a column-rich grid report with all possible purchase data ever aggregated for this store item.

  • Get any order information from the column-rich report grid
  • Sort and filter report by any column
  • Click Order Number, Customer, or Applied Discount Rules column and navigate to the associated admin page
  • Analyze data by store view (multi-store support)
  • Export reports to CSV or Excel XML
  • Restrict Product Purchases tab appearance on the admin role level via ACL resource
Report Features:
  • Analyze all order and customer data
  • Check quantity and totals
  • Learn shipping and payment methods
  • See discounts applied to the order in the report grid
Price: FREE
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