Musique Shop

About Musique Shop

The Musique Shop company has been a staple in French musical life since 1963. This family business has seen the birth of many musicians and artists. Musique Shop attracts more than million visitors due to 50000 musical instruments and accessories. Their 57 years experience and a site in 7 countries makes Musique Shop a key player at European level.



When we first started working with the project, it was a Magento 1 store with several sales per week.
After discussing and understanding what needed to be done, we got to work. We carried out a detailed analysis of the store's problems. Then the store was transferred to Magento 2, after which more than 15 sub-stores (multistore) were created for different European countries, which allowed to increase sales.

Later, the design was completely updated, it was made mobile friendly (responsive). We have automated work with 5+ suppliers (synchronization of product availability and prices). We have installed many modules to improve the user experience. Product search has been optimized and improved, and the checkout process has been simplified.
After that the store was moved to a new high-performance server for better and faster work. 

Then we set up the process of deploying changes to the server, now 95% of deployments are zero-downtime. Also our team  has set up test servers to test the features of the store.
It was very important to improve the security of the store and eliminate many problems associated with it.

At the moment we are constantly supporting the modules and up to date the store.



As a result of our work, the total number of orders has increased by 50 times, up to several hundred orders per week. The number of simultaneous visitors at a point in time on a typical day reaches 50, in the case of a high load up to 500.