"Better Products, Service and Bottom-Line"

Mydistributor was founded in 2000 and quickly and confidently entered the Australian mobile phone market. Over the past 12 months, strong growth and development of the company proves that the company is a mark of not only a good company, but a great company. 

The company prides itself on delivering quality products and quality service. Mydistributor is the smart mobile phone accessory partner for Australia. A proven past. And growing. Ready, willing, able, and on the move.


We started working on the project over 10 years ago. During the work, our team redesigned the theme of the store to make it user-friendly for wholesale buyers. We have implemented a website which is partially closed to unregistered users, so unregistered customers have no access to prices, product availability and basket. The possibility of mass addition of goods from the category pages to the basket was also added. For the convenience of working with the website of the store, we gave the opportunity to several employees of one wholesale customer to work under linked accounts. In addition, the work with suppliers was automated by us, which allowed to accelerate the process of order. The checkout process has also been simplified and the user experience has been improved. We have added some caching solutions. 
The store was moved to a new high-performance server for better and faster work. After that, we set up the process of deploying changes to the server, now 95% of deployments are zero-downtime. We have set up test servers to test the features of the store.  It was important to improve its security and eliminate many problems associated with it for the stable operation of the store.
At the moment we are constantly supporting the modules and up to date the store.

Now the store is at the last stage of the transition to Magento 2. The transition to Magento 2 is carried out using best practices and our extensive experience in migrating various systems to Magneto 2. For this specific migration, we use the Magento migration tool.
Data from Magento 1 will be saved and transferred, including data from some of the modules used.


The store successfully copes with a high load, allows to quickly add a lot of items to wholesale buyers, which greatly speeds up the process of placing and processing an order. After moving to Magento 2, the number of visitors is expected to increase due to the updated design and improved user experience.
It is planned to improve the performance of the store due to the built-in Full Page Cache in Magento 2.