MyMobile (incorporating Unique Mobiles since 2013) is the online superstore of mobile phone & electronics. They are among the leading online telecommunications marketplace in Australia. MyMobile has been around for 20 years, so their customers can be sure of them.  

        Their journey began in 2004 as a pretty small retail store. Since that  they’ve grown as an Australia-wide online company. And now it’s a reliable source for Australians to find the best offers on mobile phones. 


We started working on the project over 10 years ago. During our work, we modified or reworked the store theme several times. In addition, we made it mobile friendly (responsive), installed many modules to improve user experience. We have automated work with store suppliers, which has made it possible to speed up and simplify work with orders. The ordering process has been simplified as much as possible.
We have redesigned the process for calculating store shipping prices, added caching solutions. The store was moved to a new high-performance server for better and faster work. 

After that, we set up the process of deploying changes to the server, now 95% of deployments are zero-downtime. We have set up test servers to test the features of the store.
It was important to improve its security and eliminate many problems associated with it for the stable operation of the store. At the moment we are constantly supporting the modules and up to date the store.
Now the store is at the last stage of the transition to Magento 2. The transition to Magento 2 is carried out using best practices and our extensive experience in migrating various systems to Magneto 2. For this specific migration, we use the Magento migration tool. Data from Magento 1 will be saved and transferred, including data from some of the modules used.
The updated Magento 2 will use the high performance Hyva theme.


The store successfully copes with a high load, easily withstands a sufficient number of simultaneous visitors. After moving to Magento 2, an increase in the number of visitors is expected due to the updated design and improved user experience.
Upgrading the server and using the Hyva theme should allow it to handle more load than the current configuration on Magento 1.