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The Freento Audit Report extension for Magento 2 is a fully automated module that examines Magento 2 websites to find ways to make them work better and faster. It checks different areas of a site and suggests improvements. This module provides detailed reports about database and file system usage. It also validates the versions of the installed modules. Moreover, you can run an automated code quality report to validate the codebase for errors and warnings.

Compatible with:
  • Magento Open Source 2.4
  • Adobe Commerce 2.4
  • Approved by Adobe Commerce Marketplace
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Freento Audit Report for Magento 2 is designed to automatically analyze various aspects of a Magento website to identify and highlight areas for improvement. This comprehensive analysis covers the website's performance, security, usability, code quality and other crucial factors. Below are key features and advantages of Freento Audit Report extension:


Server Infrastructure

The extension examines your server and software setup (Magento/Adobe Commerce, PHP, MySQL and ElasticSearch) and alerts you if some service is out of date and needs to be updated.

Magento Cache Status

A quick way to overview the cache status of your store. If some cache types are DISABLED or INVALIDATED, they will be highlighted in the list.

Magento Index Status

In Magento, "Index Status" shows how well the different optimizations are working to speed up the store front. Indexing turns database data into a faster format for quicker and better searches, making the website work smoother. This report  clearly displays index statuses in one grid, specifically indicating if some indexes are not properly configured or too out of date and require reindex.


Inspects if the Magento administrator URL is secure.

Database Usage

The Database Usage report lists all Magento database tables, sorted by their disk size. If some tables are larger than 200 MB, they will be highlighted in red.

Filesystem usage

This report provides a breakdown of how much disk space is consumed by your Magento installation. You can regularly observe if some directories (like /var/log/) take too much space and proactively clean them up to avoid disk overflow.

Module List

On the Module List tab, you'll find a complete list of installed third-party modules. In addition, it automatically checks module version and marks it with a special icon if version update is available for the module.

Code quality

One of the most powerful features  of the Audit Report extension is its ability to examine the quality of the website's codebase. It identifies poorly written code by reporting code errors and potential issues that could impact performance and stability of your store. The report provides valuable recommendations for optimizing and enhancing the code.

Overall, Freento Audit Report offers a comprehensive evaluation of your website, providing you with valuable insights and actionable recommendations to improve your website's performance, security and user experience.

The extension is distributed for free, refer to the User Guide for possible installation options.


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