What is Magento code audit?

Magento Open Source / Adobe Commerce code audit is a type of technical audit when a website’s codebase is thoroughly analyzed by automated, semi-automated and manual tools to check if the code complies with Magento Coding Standards and best practices, and identify any security and performance issues.

As an outcome of the code audit, you get a detailed report of code quality issues sorted by severity and a clear list of action items to address the found issues.

When and why do you need code audit?

  • Your Magento store is running slow or unstable, or it has faced cyber threats.
  • You want to make sure website code (especially legacy code) does not contain security breaches and performance bugs. This ensures the website stability long-term and more smooth Magento Upgrades in the future.
  • Plan your development budget the optimal way by addressing the most critical code issues first.

Our code audit service includes the following steps

  1. Run free pre-audit to evaluate the size of the website codebase and overall audit complexity, and highlight potential code quality issues.
  2. Run a comprehensive audit that covers all custom, legacy and third-party code as well as custom themes. The code analysis is performed only by certified Senior Magento developers.
  3. We provide you with a detailed code audit report for every codebase part appended with clear explanations and recommendations.

Ready for a free pre-audit of your Magento store?

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